An array of pets have been welcomed over the years and this is my effort to gather some of our “most dear” together, both living and deceased, and give them our grateful thanks and respect for blessing our home.

Not mentioning the other hamsters, rabbits, turtles, ducks, crabs, and anything else not included will bring me shame, but know, they all came as small blessings to the Robbins’ family.


  • Born June 22, 2017, Pepper came to the Robbins household at approximately 7 weeks of age and has totally taken over our home.

    Everything and I mean everything, it’s is all about her!  She fits in nicely!

    Pepper has an affection towards chasing frisbees, ball, sticks … basically, anything is a “fetch toy” for her!  Her incessant need for attention or activity can become somewhat frustrating at times, but she loves her family, and we love her!

  • June Bug, or affectionally called “Baby Kitty” is the daughter of Mamacita Kitty.  June Bug came first to our home as a kitten of a neighbor.  Feral to the bone, she has accepted the Robbins family quite unwillingly but likes the food we leave for her each day.  She also enjoys playing tag with Pepper.

    Obtained a few weeks after June Bug, and also while pregnant, Mamacita came to the 5Robbins home for maternity purposes.  Both mother and daughter got themselves “fixed” once the new litter came and went!

    Both can normally be found on our front porch sauntering the day away.

  • The 5robbins most beloved pet of the last couple of decades.  Sweet Tea came to us via Bess’s brother Jay while he was working on the Chiwapa farm.  Sweet Tea, along with a smaller pup, were found as strays.  The pup did not live long and Sweet Tea was adopted by the Robbins sometime around 2000 or 2001!

  • Baskin Baskin, named by Alix in fondness of the name, and in honor of our imaginary ice cream tycoon uncle, was part of the New Albany “puppy pound” bust of three years ago!  Bess and Larkin volunteered to assist taking care of the approximate 200+ dogs for the few weeks it tooks to get them cleaned up and medically checked out.  I should have seen it coming, but didn’t!    Of course, they’d fall in love with one and just have to give it a home!
    Baskin is a Maltese with a tongue of a giraffe!   She has also been mistaken as to be a pink pig with curly white hair!   She’s basically a redneck and does as she pleases!  This is mainly because of her harsh upbringing in a small pen with four or five of her sisters.  She’s loving life in freedom and enjoys “policing” the food bowl and making sure she gets her “fair share” before her house siblings eat it up!    Her country living also hasn’t adapted well to our carpet, nor upholstery.  Did I mention she’s not supposed to be on our upholstery?

      Only a member of the household for a couple of years, she was well loved during her time with the Robbins.

  •  Gidget was a Christmas present to Bess back in 2004!   She’s a Yorkshire Terrier and weighs in fully grown at just under four pounds. Attitude has nothing to do with size. Being but a morsel in their eyes, Gidget has taken on larger dogs without fear. She’ll proudly showed her teeth, sneer, growl, and give the impression to all that she can hold her own.

    Unfortunately, that may have been her demise to the likes of a much larger canine.  She was properly buried at 2097.

  • Lil’ Bit was found in the bushes at Ballard Park.  The first time I remember seeing her was as she hopped across the grass blades at the Rockin’ Robin shop.  Of course, she made her way all the way home to 2097, and continued with the family through our move to 616.

    Her untimely death came through the tire tread of some uncaring driver as they sped past our house.