An array of pets have been welcomed over the years and this is my effort to gather some of our “most dear” together, both living and deceased, and give them our grateful thanks and respect for blessing our home.

Not mentioning the other hamsters, rabbits, turtles, ducks, crabs, and anything else not included will bring me shame, but know, they all came as small blessings to the Robbins’ family.


  • Born June 22, 2017, Pepper came to the Robbins household at approximately 7 weeks of age and has totally taken over our home.

    Everything and I mean everything, it’s is all about her!  She fits in nicely!

    Pepper has an affection towards chasing frisbees, ball, sticks … basically, anything is a “fetch toy” for her!  Her incessant need for attention or activity can become somewhat frustrating at times, but she loves her family, and we love her!