Where have we been over the years? Wow, we’re much more traveled than we appear! Mission trips, business trips, pleasure, vacations … who doesn’t love to travel? I’m sure I’ve missed a few places. but here are some highlights (maybe some lowlights as well) of places we’ve visited over the years …


Our church became involved with Living Waters for the World a few years back and start an almost annual mission trip to Guatemala to install clean water filtration systems for rural churches and other organizations. I’ve had to privilege of traveling to this beautiful country four times. Three trips with our church and one trip with my daughter Alix with a church from Shelbyville, Tennessee.

Miami Beach

In my time with Accents Marketing, Miami Beach popped up as an annual destination for exhibiting contract furniture. Every September not only brought the possibility of hurricanes but also the very real possibility of a Robbins walking the beaches of South Beach! Always pleasurable visits, these trips are missed but forever in our memories!

New York City

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The Middle East

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San Francisco

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1997 brought an enjoyable trip to Venezuela and Angel Falls through Mountain Travel Sobek.  My trip mates were Pat Caldwell, Merrill Johnson, and Fred Paige.

We flew into Caracas, Venezuela then took an old transport plane to Comlubo, and then dugout canoes into the jungles to Angel Falls.  

In 1995 I had the opportunity to go and climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.  It was with my father-in-law and several of his friends who had been adventure traveling each Summer the past few years.. 


Bess and I traveled to Paris in 2005 for business to meet with a furniture supplier in Lille, France, then back to Paris to attend the Paris Furniture Exhibition.  We had plenty of spare time and did our best to see as much as possible in our brief stay in France.

Gulf Shores

Oh, beautiful Gulf Shores! It’s been a few years, but the McDonald family used to make an annual pilgrimage to the whites beaches of Gulf Shores the week after school let out for summer! We’d always rent a house on West Beach and enjoy the ocean to the max!  The below images reflect many years and good times on the beach with family.