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Socopatoy, Alabama


Socoptoy Presbyterian ChurchSocopatoy

From my knowledge, it's just a small church and cemetery located in the Alabama countryside a few miles northwest of Alexander City, Alabama.

My father's boyhood "home place" is just a few miles down the road.   Childhood memories of this place go back fifty years as the annual "homecoming" of all the local families in the area, past and present, gathered here annually on a late Summer Sunday for fellowship and support of the cemetery grounds.  Plus, an awesome spread of down-home good ol' southern "bring a dish" dishes.


ReunionSome of the Robbin kinfolk attending the Socopatoy Homecoming on a late September Sunday ....


The ChurchThe church building at Socopatoy.  I remember it many years ago down the road a quarter mile.  Reunions were just as hot there as they are today.  It was moved due to the construction of the highway.

This picture shows it in really good shape at its present location adjacent to the cemetery.


Howell Rose RobbinsThis is the grave marker of my great-grandfather, Howell Rose Robbins, buried at Socopatoy Cemetery.


Joseph & LeoraThis image is of the tombstone of my paternal grandparents, Joseph Edward and Leora McKay Robbins located at the Socopatoy Cemetery.

At the young age of three at their deaths, I personally cannot either.  However, I have a faint memory of playing at the window in our home in Austell and my grandfather getting on to me and "thumping" me on the top of my head! Ouch, not a great memory, but all I have!

It was always said the Joseph died of a broken heart one week after Leora's death.

The photo to the right of them both at my Aunt Wanda's home ...

For simplicity sake, the gallery to the right includes photos and images with some “age” on them so anyone just checking for images will easily see what’s available.  Many, of course, are of my closest family but would love any relatives, near or far, that have additional photos to please add them to the collection.
Just shoot me an email attachment and description to!

Origins of the Robbins Name

I would be the first to state that I am by far no means a genealogist.  However, with the technology of today, I find it intriguing to look back and investigate the origins from which I/we came.  I assume we all have this curiosity and offer my novice research those of with the mutual interest or of ancestry.  Anyway, that being stated, from what I have uncovered via the internet is my lineage goes back some twenty-two generations to before the “Dark Ages” of humanity.

Should, by chance this lineage be correct, then here are some interesting details regarding the Robbins family:

  • John Robbins appears to be the family member to bring our lineage to America.  He was born in 1581 in Long Buckby, Northamptonshire, UK, crossed the Atlantic with his family at some point (as his son was also born in the UK), and returned to the UK where he dies in 1622.  He would be considered my Great-(10) Grandfather.
  • His son, also a John was born in Long Buckby and died in Gloucester County, VA around 1655.  He would be considered my Great-(9) Grandfather.  He is the first observed family member to have taken the spelling of Robbins with two “b’s”.  Possibly, coming to a new world brought along with it a new name!
  • John’s son, Thomas had the title of “Dr.” and is the last ancestor using the spelling of “Robins”.  Why he reverted back to the previous spelling of our name is unknown.  However, from his children forward, the Robbins name has been unchanged.
  • Although there is conflicting information, it appears the spelling changed from Robyns in the late 1400’s, possibly after Edward, my Great-(14) Grandfather, born appx. in 1460.