Like wow! This site has been idle since 2014. That’s like … TWO years! Not because I haven’t visited it and wanted to update it, but because the software that runs had gotten outdated and only errors popped up whenever it was visited. I put that to rest this morning by digging around in the backend code and deleting this files that were causing issues. The site is back up and some good ol’ 5Robbins memories are back on line!

Speed Stacking

Besides their music abilities, one of our daughter’s has the unusual talent of …., well, whatever the below may be … a fad that came through a few years ago: speed stacking cups!

Sit back and enjoy!

handsOur family has been blessed to have three talented daughters, all who are quite accomplished with the piano. Peg Oaks gets all the credit for keeping the girl’s on course and taking their abilities to heights we couldn’t have imagined!

Pop’s Truck

DSC_0264It’s been about a year since I finally let Pop’s truck go. It hung around on life support for years and, gratefully, kept the spirit of my dad around since his departure back in 1993. I always felt one of his grand-kids would enjoy it’s use but, frankly, I enjoyed it so long that it became abused and trashed from my less than spectacular maintenance of it’s being! It been places other vehicles would never dare. It’s transmission and engine were rebuilt to lengthen it’s longevity. It was lost and compromised by a drug addicted mechanic and left in a Mantachie field! It’s had glimmering horse sticker’s lovenly attached to it’s windows. It’s been backed into on a couple of occasions by the original owner’s granddaughters. It’s hauled compost, hay, dirt, brush, firewood, leaves and gravel to a variety of destinations. It’s been knocked around while hunting, commuting, school delivery, and transporting kids … and truthfully was hard to let it go. While my kids did not know my father, this old 91′ Dodge Dakota connected them with someone who Bess and I loved just as dearly. I guess that’s the reason it was hung onto for so long well after it’s usefulness.

I am sure the Craigslist purchaser either broke it down for parts or refurbished it for resale. It is but a memory at this point, but will always remain a good one!